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Internet Explorer plugin, giving you ability to view contents of ZIP and RAR archives and open
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12 October 2008

Web Archives Viewer 1.04 review

Web Archives Viewer, a wonderful package that enables viewing of ZIP and RAR archives or opening any files.
The perfect tool that will cater you with services that help you in easily viewing the contents of ZIP and RAR archives and to open embedded files without the necessity to download the whole archives to your hard drive. Here with this tool the embedded files can be opened by the associated extensions of the software. The user has to simply double click or press the enter key over the desired file; this will open the files with its default program along with its extension format. Thereby utilizing your Internet traffic only to trace the archive where the file resides. The exclusive viewer supports both ftp:// and http:// protocols for viewing archives contents on the server and simple folders.
This ultimate Web Archives Viewer also comes with certain limitations like no support for continuous and multi volume archives.

Publisher's description

After software installation, additional option "Open in Web Archives Viewer" appears in IE context menu (context menu appears after you right-click any link). If current link is ZIP or RAR archive, window with the list of files inside the archive appears. Double-click or "Enter" key press on the file you are interested in will lead to opening it with default program, associated with its extension (e.g. Notepad for TXT extension, MS Word for DOC format). Traffic is spent only on the part of an archive where the given file is situated.
Both ftp:// and http:// protocols are supported. If link leads to an FTP-server, in the window appears simple FTP-explorer, allowing you to view contents of archives on the server as well as of the simple folders.
Limitations - no support for continuous and multivolumed archives.

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